BREADCRUMB TRAIL #004 - MAMMOTH CAVES - 37˚11’14” N 86˚6”13” W

Image of BREADCRUMB TRAIL #004 - MAMMOTH CAVES - 37˚11’14” N  86˚6”13” W

4 color screen print on 11” x 14” x 1.5 wood panel.

After seeing the eclipse, we made a few stops in Kentucky before we headed home. Exactly 1 year ago today, we visited the Mammoth Cave National Park. The caves were awesomely impressive. It felt like we were walking forever in the dark caves but discovered we only walked 2 miles of the 400 known miles of underground caves. Blew my mind home big they are.

THE BREAD CRUMB TRAIL is a print series based on geographic locations. The location of this print is exactly 37˚5’30” N 88˚35’49”W. It was an exciting adventure and funny to imagine what my two year old son was thinking as we kept going deeper and deeper into the darkness. Around 1.5 miles deep, he had enough. So we all sat down on some rocks and all shared a bag of gummy bears and then all was right to continue the tour.