Image of FLOWER 15

4 color screen prin, 17” x 24” - signed - Designed & Printed by Dan McCarthy - November 2005

Back in 2005, Flower Booking was celebrating 15 years in business (Flower Booking is booking agent from Chicago Il. who work with some of my all time favorite bands). They reached out to me about making a poster for monumental lineup: The Promise Ring, Make Believe and Tristeza. I created this 4 color screen print 17” x 24” (why not 18x24? I don’t know). I sent them around 100 copies and thought they were all gone…. A few months ago, the nice people at Flower reached out and let me know they were hanging onto some extra copies for the past 15 years and kindly sent them back. So here they are! Hope to to make a poster for Flower when they turn 25! (i’m old).