"PASTORAL" - 24" x 36"

Image of "PASTORAL" - 24" x 36"

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4 color screen print (metallic gold sun), 24” x 36” ( ! ) - signed & numbered - edition of 400 - Designed & Printed by Dan McCarthy - September 2020

The title for this print comes from the song by musician Moondog. This song has been playing on repeat in my home and my head for months and I feel like it really marks a point in time for me. It was playing in my head when I was in Maine last summer while looking out at the ocean.. and that is where this print takes place.

I recently discovered Moondog's music and I have been mesmerized by his songs and his life story. If you don’t know who he is, long story short… He was born in 1916, lost his eyesight at 16 from a dynamite explosion, moved to New York and was a self taught musician who influenced many jazz and minimalist composers. He was often found on 6th avenue dressed as a viking, many people passing by were not aware of his musical career. I highly recommend giving him a listen.

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