PRINT CLUB! 2018/2019 - 12 PRINTS/12 MONTHS

Image of PRINT CLUB! 2018/2019 - 12 PRINTS/12 MONTHS
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Starting the 2018/2019 Print Club, I am excited to offer this years bonus print “The Biography of a Carbon Atom” on WOOD PANEL - 20” x 30” x 1.5” - 2 colors printed on white stained wood. This is from my 2006 archives and I felt the need preserve this design in a new form. I thought this image would marry well with the wood medium and I want to share this with subscribers as a “thank-you” for the kindness. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a timed edition. The deadline to START your PRINT CLUB MEMBERSHIP and receive the bonus print is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th.

12 prints / 12 months + BONUS PRINT - $325 domestic - $365 international.

THANK YOU for your support. looking forward to another year! -DAN